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Resumption of classes and office work tomorrow

Considering that the clearance work of the campus facilities and passages affected by typhoon Mangkhut has been substantially completed, Lingnan University announces that all classes and office work will resume tomorrow (18 September).

We understand that the traffic condition in various districts has yet to return to normal. Therefore, we will be flexible if students and staff cannot resume classes and work in time.

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Office of Council/Court Business and General Administration

About Us

Council/Court Business

  • Serve as the secretariat of the University Council and Court and act as the first point of contact for all Council and Court members
  • Provide secretarial support to the standing committees under the Council and ad hoc committees/working groups/task forces of the Council and Court (The Task Force on University Governance established by the Council to guide the implementation of the Governance Report recommendations is a prime example).

General Administration Services Related to Government and Statutory Bodies

  • Liaise with Government/statutory bodies such as Legislative Council (LegCo), District Council (DC), UGC, EDB, ICAC, EOC (Equal Opportunities Commission), PCPD (Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data), etc.
  • Attend to questions from these bodies, and submit information and documents to them as appropriate

General Administration

  • Administer University policies on important issues that affect the welfare of staff, students and the University as a whole. Examples include policies on sexual harassment, equal opportunities, whistleblowing, etc.
  • Organize events and activities to promote awareness of the above-mentioned issues and policies 
  • Administer disciplinary/investigative/appeal procedures when such cases arise
  • Provide secretarial and administrative support to the University’s Equal Opportunities Committee
  • Assist in drafting or giving comments on agreements/undertakings between various units/departments of the University and outside institutions/organisations
  • Liaise with legal advisers for legal proceedings concerning the University and seek legal advice from time to time as warranted by situations 
  • Administer the “Vincent Woo Distinguished Visiting Scholars Programme” and “Dr & Mrs James Tak Wu Awards for Outstanding Service”
  • Render support to special University projects, initiatives or functions as specified by the President






Contact Us

icon-tel (852) 2616-8966


icon-fax (852) 2456-1352