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Student Hostel

Student Hostel
Student Hostel

Student Hostel Information

The ten blocks of student hostels in Lingnan University provide around 2,600 hostel places for our Lingnan students. MEA Hall to JCF Hall provided 1,500 places for our students since 1997. In each hostel, there are a common room floor, seven residential floors, and quarters for wardens and senior tutors on the top floor. Tutor rooms are located in the short wing on four of the seven residential floors. Another two new blocks (WHC and WJY Hall) of hostels provided additional 700 hostel places for our Lingnan students from Jan 2012 and Sept 2012. In Sept 2014, The Jockey Club New Hall (JCNG & JCNH) provide additional 400 hostel places and make Lingnan's total hostel place 2,600.


The student hostels are divided into three zones: (a) Southern Hostels, (b) Northern Hostels, and (c) 334 Hostel (WHC and WJY Hall). The lower floors of hostels are mainly for male student residents and the upper floors female student residents. All student rooms are for double occupancy in MEA Hall to JCF Hall, and double plus triple occupancy for WHC and WJY Hall. The size of a student room is 110 to 130 sq ft, with 2 single beds, 2 cabinets, 2 desks and chairs for a double room, bunk beds were provided in a triple room. Free LAN, WIFI service and electricity are provided. Air-conditioning fee will be shared by roommates in the same room.

Management Structure

The hostels are managed under the advice of the Student Hostel Management Committee. Each hostel is headed by a warden and his/her Warden’s Office, whereas the Student Services Centre helps in carrying out the administrative matters like admission of student residents, the Comptroller’s Office helps in carrying out the daily maintenance and security of the hostels, and the Information and Technology Services Centre helps in carrying out the LAN and WIFI service and technical services of the hostels.

Each hostel is supervised by a warden, a senior tutor and four/ five tutors. The warden of a hostel is responsible to the Associate Vice-President (Student Affairs) for the good order and discipline of the hostel. He or she will be responsible for a range of pastoral functions which include: care for the welfare of individual residents, the creation and maintenance of conditions conducive to their intellectual, social and cultural growth and the encouragement of a sense of community among hostel members.

Admission of Student Residents

Application for admission to student hostel is administered by the Student Services Centre. Closing dates of application for current students and newly admitted students are normally set at the end of April and in mid-August, respectively. Admission is offered normally once a year only. Newly admitted students are normally required to stay at student hostels during their first year of study at the University.For details, you are welcome to contact for inquiry.

Hostel Activities and Functions

Hostel activities are mainly organised by the Student Hostel Associations with the assistance from the Warden’s Offices and Student Services Centre. A variety of sports, cultural, social, recreational and academic activities are encouraged. All the activities organised will aim at the promotion of a harmonious hostel life and community spirit among residents.

Hostel Fee

The hostel fee is approved by the Council as recommended by the Finance Committee, which acts on the advice of the Student Hostel Management Committee. The estimated hostel fee, within a range of possible variations, are made known to intending applicants when they apply for hostel places in April, but the final hostel fee will be determined and announced in June.

The hostel fee for each resident covers one residential year. A deposit of $500 is required to be paid when a student settles the hostel fee. The deposit paid will be refunded at the end of the residential year after the deduction of the air-conditioning charges and any fees to cover damage of furniture/ facilities. The hostel fee is payable in two instalments, normally in August and December. In 2017-18, the instalment payable per academic term for newly admitted is $5,465 (MEA Hall to JCF Hall double room); HK$6,035 (WHC, WJY, JCNG and JCNH double room); and HK$4,455 (WHC and WJY triple room). Upon receiving the pay-in-slips/ efees note, the residents should pay the hostel fee on or before the deadline stated. Failure to pay charges on time or withdraw from hostel after the issue of payment note will subject to a penalty of $300.

Deferment of Hostel Fee

Full-time Government grant/loan applicants who are in financial difficulties are eligible to apply for deferment if you know that you will not receive Government financial assistance before the last day for payment of hostel fees. Normally online application will be launched in July and November.

General Enquiry