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Wedding master attributes his success to inspiring liberal arts education

Tim Lau, a well-known wedding master, graduated from Lingnan University in 2004 with a Bachelor of Arts degree (Honours) in Chinese and is now General Manager, Take My Hand Limited, Travel Expert Group. In this video, Tim attributes his success to inspiring liberal arts education of Lingnan University. As the Liberal arts university in Hong Kong, Lingnan University is well-positioned to prepare students for future success in a rapidly-changing world. Its unique liberal arts education, distinguished by an interdisciplinary curriculum, small classes, a vibrant campus life, and rich international exposure, transforms students into global citizens and helps them adapt to new realities by gaining the skills and attitudes they need to become the leaders of tomorrow.

The Liberal Arts University in Hong Kong

Liberal Arts and Cross-disciplinary Curriculum

Close Faculty-Student Relationship

Vibrant and Residential Campus

Abundant Global Learning Opportunities

Community Serving for Positive Changes

Liberal Arts and Cross-disciplinary Curriculum
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