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Highlight of Distinguished Leaders Dialogue Series : Dialogue on Financial Development

Lingnan Arts Festival


Lingnan Arts Festival will be held from 1 Mar to 27 Mar 2018 in Lingnan Campus.   Sing Tao Daily News has conducted an interview with Professor Chou Ai-ling, coordinator of Lingnan Arts Festival.   Please click for details.


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Upcoming event: Lingnan Arts Festival

Taught Postgraduate Programmes 2018/2019 invite applications

A major objective of Lingnan’s liberal arts education is to provide students with international exposure. We invite guests from different parts of the world to share their valuable insight and experience on various topics in order to equip students with updated knowledge, skills and awareness needed to achieve their goals. Pls visit Lingnan’s Taught Postgraduate Programmes 2018/2019.


Interviews conducted by Sing Tao Daily News

Master programmes on Arts

Master programmes on Buisness

Master programmes on Social Sciences


Becoming global citizens and problem solvers

Lingnan University has launched the MSc in Comparative Social Policy (International) programme to meet the increasing demand for such courses and to address the shortage of individuals with relevant comparative knowledge in the public sector. This one year full-time programe is the only taught postgraduate programme in Hong Kong which makes a comparative approach the focal point of studying social policy, development and governance.



Learn to listen with heart through Women In Red — a Mo Lai Yan Chi production

As the opening event of the Lingnan Arts Festival 2018, Women In Red is a monodrama combining the true stories of eight women — all portrayed by Mo Lai Yan Chi, a renowned local actor, filmmaker and theatre director.  In the latest issue of Lingnan Touch, Mo told the creative concept of the drama, and shared how she holds Lingnan dear to her heart.

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Abundant Global Learning Opportunities

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Liberal Arts and Cross-disciplinary Curriculum
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